Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Third Trimester!

It's been quite a few months since my last post and figured it would be a good time to update everyone on the progress of Baby Jones as well as our family!

Baby Jones:

This week I'll be 28 weeks on Wednesday. My last appointment with Dr. Gatherum I had my Whooping Cough vaccination. My arm was sore for 3 days! haha This week I get to do my Glucose test as well as the Rh blood test as well because I'm O-. Yay! My next appointment is later this month and it's my last monthly appointment. After that I'll be going in every 2 weeks! Seriously, I feel like my pregnancy has flown by! Thank goodness! haha

Baby J is just a growing and growing in there. I've started to kind of get uncomfortable but for the most part I'm loving being pregnant and can't wait to meet this little kicker. The other night I was laying in bed having a conversation with Garrett and every time Garrett would talk, Baby J, had to kick me. It wasn't until Garrett got down and actually talked to him that he relaxed a little and I pretty sure went back to sleep. He already loves his daddy :) His movements are getting stronger every day! He's started moving my whole belly when he moves. It's incredible! I love it! I know not everyone loves it but it is one of the best feelings and experiences I've ever had.


I graduated!! Yay!! After 4 years of school I finally have a Bachelor of Science in Family Life and Human Development, my emphasis in Family Services! I'll be taking what's call the NCFR later this summer so I'll be a certified family life educator and be able to teach people about families! I'm so excited that it's finally here.

Garrett will be taking summer classes and then this fall will be the start of his senior year of college! YAY! We are almost completely done with school! He's loving his major and also can't wait to be done haha. Depending on if he has a job next year will be whether or not he starts his Masters of Accountancy the fall of 2016... Fingers crossed he gets a job! :)

Everything Else:

Nothing. haha Other than working and trying to grow a baby... We're just boring folks :) I'll do better to update more recent events! No promises but I will try! haha