Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meet Liam Bryce Jones

It's only taken me a month and a half to do this but I finally finished it today. It's rather fitting that I'm sharing this today. It was 2 years ago around this same time that we started this process and now look where we're at.

Here it is... Liam's birth story :)

It's was just like any other day. July 13, 2015 started just like any other. I went to work, came home hung out with Garrett, went and looked at a new car, ordered pizza and then bam. The contractions started. (7:00 pm)
As I sat on our couch trying to time each contraction I realized there wasn't a break between each one. It's at this point I realize we need to go to the hospital.
We check into the hospital, get connected to all the monitors, and the hour long wait begins. Garrett and I watch each contraction come and go. Each coming with a little more intensity. (8:00 pm) It's after the first 5 minutes of being monitored when the nurse comes in and tells us we have a possible red flag. Liam's heart keeps bouncing. Going from 160 and then dropping to 125 then going back up. She says it's not cause for concern just yet, but that they'll monitor it and then decide what to do if it doesn't go away.
At about five to the hour the nurse comes back in and tells us that Liam's heart is still bouncing. She tells us Dr. Gatherum's has been monitoring it from home and is on his way here now. "We need to get the baby out now." I've never been so scared. I look over at Garrett and realize that my life long dream of delivering my own baby won't be happening tonight. I'm going to have a c-section.
Garrett gets on the phone to tell our parents what's happened and how there's been a pretty drastic change in our plans. We're going to have to have the baby before they get here. The realization of having to have my baby without my mom by my side kicks in and I begin to cry.
Dr. Gatherum's arrives shortly after the nurse told us the news and by then I had my IV in, the paper work was sign, and Garrett was given his ER clothes. Dr. Gatherum begins to explain that he's worried about the baby. He's not sure what's causing his heart to bounce so much but its better to be safe then sorry. "It's been quite the process for you guys to get this far and I don't want to risk you not being able to take this little guy home. He's a very special baby!"
Dr. Gatherum and the nurses clear the room and Garrett begins to give me the most comforting blessing I've ever received. I knew immediately following the blessing that everything was going to be fine. That I had pick a wonderful doctor who was going to take excellent care of me and Liam. I knew that Garrett was going to be fine standing by my side while our baby was born. I knew that everything was going to be alright.
By 9:15pm I was in the ER being prepped for surgery. They gave me a surgical cap and gown then had me sit on the table with my head on a nurse's shoulder as the anesthesiologist gave me a spinal block. From there the nurses helped to lay me on my back as they put up the curtain separating me from viewing my lower half.
As Garrett walks in I'm so relieved! Finally my main support is here. He grabs my hand as they begin to cut. I'm watching his face and I realize that they're pulling parts of my body that have never been touch before. Garrett's face says it all... They just took out my intestine. Garrett takes a break from watching and sits for only a second because they've reached Liam. The doctor begins to push extremely hard on my chest and abdomen. The pushing seems like it last forever! But then finally I hear Liam for the first time. He's here. 9:43 pm my baby boy, Liam Bryce Jones is here.
The over whelming feeling of joy, relief, excitement, and love immediately fill my heart as I hear him crying. Garrett leaves my side to go tend to our new baby. He returns in what seems like hours later with our baby. He puts him down next to my head so I can see him and kiss him. As I talk to Liam he quiets down and I realize he already knows my voice. He knows that his mommy is talking to him. "I love you honey, it's going to be ok!" It's the first thing that comes out of my mouth. I keep saying it as tears continue to come. This new baby is mine and I love him so much!
Garrett leaves with Liam and the nurses to get cleaned up while the doctors close me up. As they're finishing on me, all I can think about is the new baby that is mine. I'm a mom. I'm responsible for this little person who I don't even know. What? How did this happen and how do I already love this little thing so much? Dr. Gatherum calls down to the nursery to get his stats. "8 pounds 11 ounces! He's 19 and a half inches long! Wow, it's a good thing he came when he did Chellcee, otherwise you'd a been having a ten pounder!" The doctors move me from the surgical table to my hospital bed and begin to wheel me to my room. I beat the boys back to the room so I call my mom to let her know everything went well. In the middle of the phone call is when Garrett pushes the hospital crib carrying Liam into the room.
Finally holding Liam for the first time I have another round of love, joy, and relief wash over me. Looking at him I keeping thinking "He's mine... This is my baby! I love him. He's perfect."
Liam was the result of miracles that Garrett and I got to witness first hand. He's the result of so much love and Christ like charity. It's because of so many that we have him in our family. Thank you will never be enough to return the kindness we've experienced but know that Garrett and I are forever grateful!
One Week Old 

One Month Old