Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who doesn't love samples?

Holy moly! It has been an emotional couple of weeks. Garrett and I are so amazed at how much help we've received. In just three weeks we've been given over $4,000! It brings tears to my eyes every time I go into our GoFundMe. It's so humbling to know that there are so many wonderful people out there. I was talking to my mom this last week about how incredible it feels to know how many people care. We've had random friends from high school, Garrett's "sneakerhead" friends, extended family of in-laws, and so many more people donate! I've gotten messages of encouragement on Facebook from people I don't know who have seen the post be shared or who have seen the blog. It's incredible. We've also been approached by two wonderful people who would like to do fundraisers for us as well. We'll keep you posted on that! But seriously, we've been shown so much charity and love it's been overwhelming. It's such a testimony builder! There are so many Christ like people out there ready and willing to serve.

So we have good news! We almost have all the money we need to completely cover the PGD testing! We have enough now to move forward soo last week we ordered the sample kits they need for the PGD testing. As mentioned a couple of blog posts ago. This next stage, they're developing a test to test the embryos. They're doing this by getting DNA samples from Garrett, me, Chad and Debbie (Garrett's parents) and comparing it with the Marfan mutation Garrett has. It's a lot of mumbo jumbo lingo that I don't complete understand. Words like FBN1 mutation in chromosome 15! Lots of fun complicated things. To translate that, the FBN1 mutation is Garrett's Marfan gene, it is found on chromosome 15. So with the DNA samples they'll be developing a test by testing and observing our DNA.
 Yay for share our bodily samples! haha who doesn't love samples. Well... Today I think most people would make an exception. We gave our blood. Mine was taken not just for PGD but also for some blood tests that have to be done for the IVF part too.
Garrett on the other hand gave a little more than just blood ;) He wasn't very happy about giving up both of his samples (note the picture above).  Not to mention the hospital gave us quite the time with taking our blood home. Apparently you can't draw your own blood and take it home with you. Seriously, the nurse was like, "You'll need to talk to my supervisor, because this isn't normal." The whole time Garrett and I were thinking "Why can't I take my blood? It's MY blood!"
 Anyway, now that the kits have been sent we they should be starting testing and the PGD within the next couple of days. So we're looking at starting IVF in 8-10 weeks!

I just want to again, thank everyone for your help. This is quite the journey and we've been so touch by the generosity, love, and kindness everyone has shown us. It may sound silly but I really appreciate the messages, texts, and emails about how we're doing or even your own experiences. It's encouraging and enlightening to know that other people care. We love you all! Thanks again!!

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